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About Us

It all started with a chick… no, not Katie, a chicken, a cute, fuzzy, little, yellow, chicken.  John grew up as a typical city kid, in a typical city neighborhood, with a typical house and typical yard.  The idea of owning land was a bit foreign to him.  Katie grew up on the line where suburbs morphed into farms.  Her folks didn’t own land either, but there was a large pig farm as a next-door neighbor.  In 2014, when Katie and John started dating, he purchased a house in Elk River, on three acres at the end of a dead-end road close to the Elk River.  Even though he traveled the world with the Navy, it felt like the biggest place on earth.



We have three double-occupancy rooms, all with comfortable queen beds.  There are two full semi-private baths, located one on each level.  Each guest room has a Keurig coffee machine, small refrigerator, desk area, towels for the hot tub, and high speed wi-fi throughout. 


Watch the blog for updates on our remodeling projects!

Upcoming Classes

Sparking Imagination!

There’s something to be said for sitting in a dirty shop after a project has been completed.  No dread of the time and effort it will take to clean and put things in order, just a simple satisfaction that the job is complete, and a strange urgency to catalog and store in your brain, the…
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