John Waldorf

Sunrise, MN

John is the lead engineer for the Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting division of Rosenbauer Minnesota in Wyoming Minnesota.  Enlisting as a “Builder” in the U.S. Navy in 1991, he spent his 21 year career learning all aspects construction.  During his last five years, the Navy employed him as an instructor teaching the women and men of the famed Seabees – The Navy Construction Battalions.  In 2012, he earned a degree in Mechanical Design from Century College.  After graduation, John worked designing and building custom automation for production at Eagle Tool & Design.  In 2016, John returned to Century College as an adjunct instructor teaching evening engineering classes.  In 2017, he was hired as a mechanical designer for the Rosenbauer Panther project.  He has since taken the lead engineering position for the project and the ARFF department.  John is happiest when he’s in the shop working on his latest project.  His passion for creating results in a passion for sharing his knowledge.  He truly loves to teach.


Katie Waldorf

Sunrise, MN

With over thirty years in the Human Resources discipline, most of them working for one the world's largest hearing aid manufacturers, Katie has developed many skills that make her great in the classroom.  Her expertise in communication and organization, among others, give her a unique ability to attune to the specific needs of each of her students.  She has a passion for gardening, cooking, and creating projects that beautify the home. She also has a love for animals, providing the best healthy life for them possible.  She has combined her love of animals with her creativity to make things that make life more enjoyable.  Whether it’s delicious baked goods, beautifully handcrafted soaps, sweet honey treats, or delectable cheeses, it’s easy to tell she loves what she does.


Anthony King

Sartell, MN

Anthony is a professional welder working in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul area.  After graduating from Alexandria Technical College in 2011, he developed his craft as a specialist welder fabricating and welding large-scale pressure vessels and reactors.  In 2017 he graduated from the Commercial Diving Academy, specializing in underwater welding.  Since then, he has worked as a commercial fabricator and welder.  Anthony’s patience, pleasant demeanor, and passion for sharing his knowledge make him ideal for teaching beginning welding.  You will be at ease as you learn. Regardless of your skill, he can communicate at your level.