Spruce Tip Pot


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Class: Spruce Tip Pot

Instructors: Katie Waldorf

Difficulty: Beginner

Current Dates Scheduled:

12/4/2021  10AM – 1PM   Filled!

12/11/2021 10AM – 1PM

12/15/2021 6PM – 9PM

12/18/2021 2PM – 5PM

Course Overview:

The air turns cool, the leaves fall, the flowers wilt…  Fall colors have faded into a sea of brown and sometimes you just feel blah.  BUT THERE”S HOPE!  Place a colorful spruce tip pot to either side of the front door to welcome you home each day.  The deep hues of evergreen, the red pop of cranberry, the silvery skin of a birch pole, a colorful ribbon, a string of holiday lights, even a sprinkling of glitter, are all possibilities when you’re the artist.  In less than a day, you can create your own spruce tip pot with a selection of materials provided.  As you assemble the materials with help from instructors, enjoy lighthearted conversation with other students over a cup of warm cider or hot cocoa.  This class will provide you with knowledge of the tools, materials, and creative ideas to make them on your own, although you just might find yourself signing up again for the fun experience!

Required dress or safety equipment:

  • closed-toed shoes
  • clothing comfortable to work in and get dirty
  • safety glasses are provided, but you may bring your own


Optional tools (most will be provided, but you may want to bring your own)

  • pruning shears
  • Small (like a 16’ Stanley) Tape Measure
  • Gardening gloves (they are not provided for the class)


Duration: 3 hours