Flip the switch already!

Have you ever been so excited about something you made that you started enjoying it before it was really ready?  A muffin that could have used another five minutes at 350?  A sixer of home brewed beer that could have mellowed and carbonated for another week or two?  Maybe you’re guilty of leaving a fingerprint in “almost dry” paint or varnish?

That’s a bit how we feel right now.  In August we were granted a permit by the county to operate The Sunrise Workshop.  And, though it seems like the capstone on a years long project, it really is just the beginning of a lot of work.  Many of you have reached out after following our progress on social media, asking when you can take a class, or book a room, and our answer has always been “Soon!… hopefully.”.   It seemed like the day would never come, but here it is… well kind of.  Our crust might be a little soft yet, our dough still a bit gooey, but nice part is the outside is starting to look really good, and the pleasant aroma is filling the house.

Even though we are technically able to start offering classes, we still have a bit of organizing and preparation of the workshop before we start.  As fall changes the landscape from green to vibrant yellows and reds and people are busy closing up the cabin, we’re utilizing the time to put the finishing touches on our first offerings.  We are excited to announce that our first class will be a “Wine and Welding” Weekend!  That’s right… welding AND wine!  Learn some basics while creating a functional piece of art for your backyard soiree, and then sit back and sample a variety of wines during a special tasting put on by a local winery.  Please check out the classes section to explore this fun opportunity.  We can hardly contain our giddiness at the thought that the workshop is nearing completion and classes will soon be taking place.  The B&B however has a little baking left to do.  Now that we have our permit, we must apply for several licenses from the state.  This will require a few upgrades for safety’s sake.  There will be inspections and certifications, and all the pomp and circumstance you might expect from the government, but in the end, we’ll meet the goal of providing a safe, comfortable, and fun place for you to relax and learn.  

We also have a little decorating to do to get the place just how we want it, and that takes time as well.  Last spring, we had a contractor install a new stone floor in the old family room downstairs.  We want to create a space that is both inviting to relax in, as well as a bit out of the ordinary.  We chose a rustic industrial theme that we hope will foster relaxation as well as stir the mind to its creative state.  A mix of warm wood, stone, brick, and natural colors create a backdrop of warmth.  Plush leather furniture intermixed with a collection of antique tools and industrial hardware tastefully arranged around the centerpiece of the handcrafted live edge oak bar will offer an old-world pub style atmosphere to discuss the day’s events with old friends or new.  The pub area opens to the spacious patio, where bistro tables invite you to sip morning coffee and watch the sun rise through the trees.  We’ve partnered with Kelly from River Alley Shoppes to help us decorate and stage the rooms.  Kelly has a great grasp of our vision and is providing us with furnishings that fit right in.   There is a lot of work to be completed before we’re ready to open the space, so stay tuned to watch our progress!  When will it be ready?  Our target for the B&B is to open operations in the spring of 2022.  In the meantime, we’ll be adding classes as often as we can.  

As always, take time to smell the flowers, get together with friends, and be adventurous!